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Good Gamers: The Good, The Bad, & The Crud

This is a collection of images related to Good Gamers that I made for my friends, or didn't release for whatever reason. It's the run-off, basically. Of crud. I'm making myself very vulnerable here, as usual. These are going to be in "date modified" order.

A colored version of the Rats strip. I've wondered a few times whether I should have just made these colored from the start. These characters do have names, by the way; I still won't be revealing them here.

A colored version of the Mario strip.

This one is called "Good Gamers 3". It was made before "how parties actually look". This one clearly sucks shit so that's why I didn't post it. All of these were made as a joke but, like, there's making things as a joke and then there's making things as a joke, you know? Yeah, like that. Oh, it's so long ago now.

Wow, this one's really friggin' random!

This was made in 2014 but people still say this sort of thing today. Anyway, it's just a one-off image to send to one of my buddies, probably.

This sure was an awful time to be alive. I remember when this stuff started, I explicitly thought it would blow over within a week. In some ways, it feels like it's still happening.

What the fuck?

This was made a few hours before the actual April fools' comic, which is one I'm not very fond of. But it's probably still better than this.

A collection of meticulously designed shirt prints. If anyone wants to team up to produce some of these, hit me up.

This is the icon of the blog. I don't think it's anywhere in full, so I'm just including it in here.

This joke about Splatoon is very uncanny... can't really put my finger on why

Powerup Comics eat your heart out. #iGotThereFirst

An advertisement for an underground lootbox ring that never got very popular. Only three of them were ever sent out. This happened in Soviet Russia.

Alternative version of the job comic (which itself remained unreleased for a long time) where Left Gamer looks at his phone as he leaves because young people don't know how to appreciate the world around them anymore.

It's a dire, dire world out there for a gamer. Split-screen co-op has gone the way of the dodo due to everyone's glued to their screen playing their damned Candy Crush. Oh, darn it all to heck...

I was gonna say this one isn't funny but then I laughed at it. What gives, man? I do this for me.

Oh how the console wars rage on...

One where you can see the gears turning in my brain as if I'm creating this comic in front of you. For some reason, back in 2017, I found a lot of humor in a LINE emoji that is a little piece of paper that says "EGGS MILK" on it, so I made this.

This is the second Splatoon-related one, which is remarkable, because I've never played that game. Wait, that's not true. I just remembered I played the singleplayer mode for maybe an hour on Wii U. Can't really remember what that was like to be honest. Anyway, I do think this one's kinda funny.

Just a little doodle about what if left gamer reach the starecase in mario.

I'll spare you all from these.

And just a little sketch I made while making the Fortnite comic, which can be found here. Umm, not to spoil anything, but these are the designs for the in-universe Good Gamers comic that appears in one panel. I didn't really refine them and I'm pretty sure Right Gamer is like identical to something that already exists here, but here you go.

Stuff So Unrelated That It's In The Parent Folder But Still About Videogames

It's a good thing I waited another year to start Good Gamers because this isn't funny.

You've heard of "it's on the mouse", but have you ever seen this much stuff on a mouse? Me neither, so I put together this little "What If?" for gamer mouses if they were just a little bit more intense.

Any Questions

It's been a long journey, with many, many comics. Looooaaaads. I thought I'd put all this old crap out there, 'cause who knows, maybe there will never be any more, and maybe someone out there will get a kick out of it. As far as I know, this is all I have, but I'm sure I've got some other stray files somewhere, maybe some I didn't save at all. If you actually have any questions you can direct them to me on Twitter. Ciao Gamers!